You have to be furious, enraged, deranged, and hateful to spread poop on your ex's toothbrush.

According to police and a DNA test, that is just what Leslie Laing of Milford did to her estranged husband, and in the whole process, she violated a protective order.

Why poop instead of Crest Tartar Control you ask? In my opinion, this woman has some anger issues. According to an article in the Milford Mirror, Laing was also the subject of a protective order from another domestic incident with her ex-husband.

Because the DNA test taken from her ex's toothbrush matched Laing's DNA, that means only one thing, it was her poop on her ex's toothbrush, which is so damn wrong. She couldn't have maybe broken a window on his car or thrown his stuff into a large body of water?

Laing was charged with violating a protective order and released on $1,000 bond. She and her ex-husband are involved in divorce proceedings, which means it won't be long before this little lady will be up for grabs, fellas!

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