A pizza delivery guy just won the lawsuit that he filed against Dominoes for being crushed by 400 pounds of cheese.

According to an article in the Connecticut Post, Mohammed Hassan from Meriden will be pocketing a check for $180,000 after Dominoes decided to settle his workmen's compensation claim.

Back in June of 2016, Hassan was unloading pizza-making supplies in East Granby when he attempted to lift a 400-pound box of cheese onto his hand truck. Unfortunately, his attempt failed as the hand truck slipped under the weight of the gargantuan amount of cheese. The hand truck then proceeded to land on Hassan as he fell onto his back injuring his ankle, knee, and back.

Maybe, just maybe this entire debacle could have been avoided if Americans didn't require copious amounts of cheese on their pizza or pasta.

Case in point, data from the U.S Department of Agriculture shows us that in 1995, the average American consumed 27 pounds of cheese per year. Fast forward to 2016 where now the amount is up 37 pounds of cheese per person.

Hassan had to wear a leg brace for six months and it looks like knee replacement surgery is a good possibility.  

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