Tuesday morning, I wrote a satirical blog about the issues surrounding the installation of a Frisbee golf course on the Farrington Woods property in Danbury.

Basically, there is a group who wants to see it through. They seem to have the backing of one city council member named Duane Perkins. Perkins, according to the News Times, blamed "a lack of leadership" for the project's failure to launch.

The other members of the council reportedly took issue with Perkins' categorization of the problem, and the timing of his critiques. The Mayor of Danbury, Mark Boughton and other council members seem to agree that the volunteer group in question has some organizational work to do to get closer to their goal.

Now that the obligatory "Last week on 'Frolfing in Danbury'" update is over, let's hear what the Mayor had to say about the issue this morning on the Ethan and Lou Show:

There you have it, from the Mayor of Danbury. He's not giving a "hard no" on the disc golf, it's just that there are more questions than there are answers. I must agree that if no one has the necessary paperwork, and they don't know if they plan on making money or not, it's not yet time to start pouring concrete slabs. But what the hell do I know?

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