I've always wondered why a segment of the population in the Northeast always loses their mind when snow is predicted.

Here is a perfect example to illustrate my point from my son, Matt, who recently posted this comment on Facebook:

When the weatherman predicted snow for the weekend, my wife and mother-in-law immediately cancelled all weekend plans because of the snow storm, and added that everyone should watch out for black ice!

The official forecast from the Weather Channel for this weekend calls for a chance of snow showers on Friday evening, with snow accumulations less than an inch. That's it, people, no storms, no shortages of food, and no pets or senior citizens getting lost in blizzard-like conditions. The rest of the weekend will be cold with highs in the mid 30s.

Let's all calm down and save the snow panic for when we get six inches of snow and there's not a gallon of milk to be found in the tri-state area.

I've researched weather.com, NOAA weather, and Accuweather, along with the Farmer's Almanac, and I can't find any measurable snow through the month of December, BUT You know what Mark Twain used to say about New England weather:

If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.

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