According to CBS Sports and the entire sporting world Jon Gruden is the likely new head coach for the Oakland Raiders. This is not any kind of breaking news. If you follow sports it was all over the place last week. This is however a great feeling as a Raider fan.

Jon Gruden has been "unfinished business" for Raider Nation. Him leaving to coach the Bucs back in the day was a bitter to pill to swallow. It was even more bitter meeting him and his superior team in the Super Bowl the following year and being embarrassed.

I was never mad at Gruden for leaving. It was a break up for sure but it was different. It was like you broke up with the love of your life and somehow knew it was not over. You both still were deeply in love and found each other again. Weird. I know, you read it and thought "that's a weird thing to say." Think how I feel, I wrote it.

Jack Del Rio was let go by the Raiders last week, Gruden leaves ESPN and the rumors are Gruden will come out of football retirement and lead the Silver and Black. I liked Jack, I really did but he's no Jon. Jon, you will remember was the love of our life.

Will it work? I don't know. These guys that leave the game for a long time and come back don't have great track records. This, though, this is hard to pass up, this is Jon, the one that got away. Time to make sweet, sweet love. See, you thought it could not get more weird. It did.

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