Let's talk legalization of marijuana and what it brings as a solution to a state's money woes.

The continued debate is on. The first of two public hearings about legalizing pot in Connecticut took place last week. It's no surprise to the residents of our state that we have some serious fiscal problems. Money is tighter than a popcorn fart around here, so it comes as no surprise that once you talk legalization, you also hear about tax revenue that could be seen.

In a story from newstimes.com it looks as if there is some hope, along with a wait and see attitude, coupled with a healthy dose of skepticism. Most of the talk about legalizing recreational marijuana in Connecticut also considers allowing people to grow and sell, which of course would be tax revenue for the state.

According to the Boston Globe, it's now legal to possess, use and grow small amounts of pot in Massachusetts. And mass.gov states that by July of 2018 retail shops will be allowed to open.

Since Massachusetts is Connecticut's neighbor I'm thinking two things in regards to our state moving forward with seriously considering legalization of recreational marijuana. One being that Connecticut isn't going to want to loose a potential money stream to another state, and two let's adopt a "wait and see" attitude. Let another state overcome problems and issues ahead of us.

Obviously not every politician sees the possible financial benefit as a good argument for legalizing. Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano said this to the Danbury NewsTimes 

What I see is people saying that, 'Economically, this is what we have to do.' ...If everything is rooted on economics and we should allow it to happen because we can get money, then we should allow bookies to book, right?

My question is, would you wager on legalization becoming a reality in Connecticut?

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