I don't think anyone doubted this would eventually take place. The first of two public hearings for recreational marijuana in Connecticut is set to happen this week.

There will be pros as well as cons in the debate on legalizing pot in Connecticut. The arguments will be loud and long, and of course money will come in to play too. Considering that Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana, you know tax money is a serious consideration.

According to wtnh.com March 7 signals what could become the nod to recreational pot in our state. Hartford lawmakers will give the public their first chance to weigh in on legislation that would let adults over the age of 21 to buy or even grow marijuana.

The tide started to turn a few months ago in our state when I wrote this blog:

Fast forward to March of 2017 when the co-chair of Connecticut's Public Health Committee is conducting the first hearing.State Representative Jonathan Steinberg told wtnh.com

We started because Massachusetts has been going down this path and because revenues continue to be an issue for us and it’s very attractive in that sense

Following the money trail is always key, don't you think? Now that we have legal medical marijuana growers in Connecticut, and with the changes up in Massachusetts, my gut tells me we'll inch significantly closer to legalizing recreational use of pot. Discussions will include setting up a system to tax people for buying or growing the plant.

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