Should the lawsuit blaming the Newtown School District for the Sandy Hook shootings be thrown out of court?

According to an article on, the parents of two children who were slain during the shootings are suing the Newtown School District, claiming that teachers were liable for not carrying out the district's emergency lockdown plan.

Charles DeLuca, an attorney for the town told

The teachers didn't create this emergency, and no one could say that they chose a course of conduct that could be considered negligent. They did the best they could, based on limited information.

The attorneys for the parents argued that school officials failed to follow procedure and order a lockdown, which might have saved lives. Attorney DeLuca came back saying that administrators had to make split-second decisions under horrific circumstances and it was "insulting" to suggest they are responsible for the deaths.

Superior Court Judge, Robin Wilson, now has 120 days to make her decision on whether to dismiss the parent's lawsuit or to deny Newtown's motion, in which case, the lawsuit would continue.

If you were the judge, how would you rule?

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