I hate the idea of surgery. I hate the thought of this happening even more.

We all know of the mind boggling stores we've heard about surgical mishaps. Operations done on the wrong limb, wrong person, and of course items left inside of a patient. We all also know that nearly always surgery goes just fine, but the thought of a screw up can still give you the shakes.

Here's how this horror story came to light for a U.S. Army veteran from Bridgeport. According to abcnews.go.com things haven't gone well for Glenford Turner since he had surgery back in 2013. Turns out there's a reason for his long term pain.

Turner is suing the West Haven VA Hospital for apparently leaving a scalpel inside him during an operation he had in 2013. His lawsuit says he went back to the hospital with abdominal pain in March of 2017 and the discovery was made. Turner underwent another surgery to have the scalpel removed.

What a nightmare. Hopefully it all turns out well for this Army veteran.

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