That's my little patriotic girl, Prada. Meow!

With all of the 4th of July celebrations about to begin, I wanted to take a minute and focus on safety. Just last weekend I had a situation at my house at a small party for my son's birthday. There are some little ones in the family and somehow two of my cats got behind the couch and three children, ages 5, 3 and 2, were baracading their escape. One of my cats became so scared that he started to cough. While my nephew rounded up the kids, I scooped up the kitties and headed to the safety of my bedroom.

This weekend may be just as scary for your pets. Fireworks, loud music, rambunctious guests and other noises can freak your pets out. Make sure they have a place where they feel safe. A place that has food, water and maybe even a place to hide.

Happy 4th, Happy Feline Friday, Happy Caturday, Happy Weekend.

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