Remember the old saying; "Membership has it's privileges?" I certainly do and while I have yet to learn what privileges I'll enjoy as a member of this exclusive club, I'm pretty certain they will be awesome. I learned of "The League of Extraordinary Red Heads" last year and wrote an article about them which is how I ended up on the radar and on their mailing list. This is exciting to me that they are out there and continue to unite the Red Head community.

"The League of Extraordinary Red Heads' are based out of Troy, NY. Listeners of the Ethan and Lou Show know my feelings about this place, I lived there briefly and would not categorize it as a good time. It's unlikely I will trek to Troy to attend one of their events so I'll have to start my own Danbury, CT Chapter or organize a similar organization.

Did you know that less than 1% of the Earth's population has red hair? This is true, we are rare and special creatures. We are out there doing big things in a world that believes we are the only group you can still make fun of. We are not swayed one way or another by your jokes. We've heard them all, "Gingers have no souls," thank you South Park. They don't bother us because by the time we are small children we have been gawked at, called "red" and had a fuss made about our appearance thousands of times.

"I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say, bounces off me and sticks to you." This is something we believe firmly in and when we say it, we mean it. To my fellow league members, keep fighting the good fight, apply sunblock liberally and paint the town (whatever town) red.

Check out the XMAS card they sent me, it had a "Thrones" theme, it's a beauty and those are some attractive humans right there.

Lou's phone

P.S. Troy, NY claims to be the "Home of Uncle Sam" but if that's true why don't they have a massive Uncle Sam statue like we do here in Danbury, CT? Meditate on that Troy. I was kidding about Troy, it's a fine town I just didn't make the best of it. Now that it's undergone a "Gingification," I may have to give it another try.