"The League of Extraordinary Redheads" was founded by Duncan Crary, Duncan and the other members have an annual gathering called "Night of the Walking Red" and this year's red out is set for Tuesday October 8. The gingers will gather at  Ryan's Wake Public House in Troy, NY overlooking the Hudson River. Duncan had this to say about why they gather:

"We have unique life experiences and it’s fun to spend one-night socializing with others who share that."

The group says children are welcome if accompanied by an adult and admission is free.

Listen, Duncan, you are my brother of a similar color. I too am a "ging" and I respect what you are doing. However, you got some things wrong and they are:

  • Troy, NY - One of the worst places I've ever been. I actually lived there for a short time and lets just say, I do not dig it.
  • Kids in a bar, no, just no. Bars are for the big people and drinking alcohol. "Get a sitter," that's what I would have said.
  • Tuesday night? What the hell man? We all gotta work tomorrow. You want a ginger rage session for the ages we need a Friday or Saturday night.

This event, it's a no for me, a hard pass if you will. I'd like to join my own redhead group but if it means I end up in a bar on a Tuesday, in Troy, surrounded by little kids, I'll have to start my own group and run the show. That group starts NOW. I'll call it "Red Center" like Dead Center, only with red instead of dead. If you are a redhead you are welcome to join, if your not, kick rocks. Hit me up "ginges" I love ya.

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