Everywhere I read, the headlines are, "Dangerous Nor'Easter," "Hazardous Weather," "High Wind Watch!"

Jeepers creepers, people, the world's not coming to an end! OK, so maybe we'll get 65 mph gusts during the day tomorrow. Yes, we're going to get some rain and snow, but that's been happening all winter. CALM DOWN, get into your Lotus position, and breathe deep.

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It seems that every time I write about meteorologists calling for a Nor'Easter, the general population swarms to the nearest grocery store and dives for the milk, bread, and Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas. Here's what you do, DON'T GO OUT unless it's absolutely necessary.

If you're home with the kids, plan on the possibility of the electricity shutting down for a while. Stock up on batteries to keep the kid's screens running, and don't even think about that huge tree in your backyard blowing over and falling on your house. String cheese is another delicious snack for the kids.

Major Storm Hammers Pacific Northwest
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Everything will be alright. We're not being assaulted by a hurricane, typhoon, tornado, or tsunami so sprinting to the storm cellar won't be necessary. Breathe with me, deep breaths, good air in, bad air out and then rinse and repeat. You will survive this "Hazardous Weather Warning." We will get through this together. Stay cool and I'll see you on the other side.

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