Middle of the night, dense fog, I think I will walk my dog in dark clothing in the middle of the street. This was the thought process of one man I encountered around 4 AM. I did not strike him with my vehicle and Thank God for that. I did see him way later than I comfortable with.

This is not the first time I have seen this dude. The next time I do I will have to stop my vehicle and beg him to get a jacket that keeps us all safer. I'm not the only one I've heard this complaint from. I know I've heard from two of my buddies who were complaining about almost hitting someone with their vehicle because they were in the street wearing dark clothes.

My buddy Jose complains about a guy who apparently travels the same route he does everyday, he sees him in the dark of morning. This fella likes to ride his bike in the dark, during snow storms with no reflectors IN the road.

Let's get it together. Safety first. No one wants to hit a human and their dog with their car. If you see something, by golly, say something.

This public service announcement is brought to you by S.B.A.F.I.C.A. or the "Stop being a friggin' Idiot Coalition of America" where they say, get it together jackass you are going to get hit by a car.

WARNING: The following clip contains swear words

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