There are many variations of the State of the Union Drinking Game. My favorite comes from, and you will be out of your mind drunk if you play it. This game is typical of games like it. You have key words or phrases you will have to listen for, then when President Trump says these words you have to drink.

There is a "Red Trump team" and a "Blue Trump" team. Each team has different words to listen for that cue them to drink. There are also community words where everyone drinks. With words like "tremendous" and "fake" showing up on the drink lists, anyone who plays is in serious danger of over drinking.

I had every intention of playing tonight, then I found out the address starts at 9pm. That's way past my bed time. I'll tape it and play this weekend or tomorrow's Ethan and Lou show will suffer greatly. Good luck tonight. Get your hangover cure ready to go for tomorrow because you are definitely going to have one. For the full list of game rules click here.

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