As baseball fans know all too well, old, retired players will get invites to Spring Training to hang out and talk baseball with the young bucks. They call them "special instructors." If you have ever seen the famous "George Brett poops himself" Youtube video you know that they are really just getting checks to hang out and talk. I'm cool with it but this is what this is.

Goose Gossage did not get one of these invites this year and he let Brian Cashman have it. He told the New York Daily News on Monday that Cashman is “a f---ing a--hole” he went on to say that he, Cashman "has no balls." The Daily News reached out to Cashman for response yesterday and they have not heard back.

Those who are familiar with Goose's loose tongue are not surprised by this. He is just an outspoken guy. He's also a Yankee legend. To be fair to Cashman though, he is the GM of the Yankees. He does not have time to manage the feeling of the ex players.

The Yankees are worth how many billions? Can't they hire a guy to deal with this VERY thing? One guy who sends out the XMAS cards to the ex players, he does the Spring Training invites, glad hands the old legends, coddles their feelings. That's a job I am willing to do if they don't already have someone in place.

I like everything about this story. I love Goose. I love angry quotes. I love that the anger is directed at Cashman, because I know, if I knew him personally I would want to punch him in his face. I love that Cashman is not wasting any time worrying about Goose's feelings or responding to the quotes. EVERYTHING in this story is right where I want it to be.

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