The Home of Rock N' Roll has partnered with American Senior Magazine to give a nod of recognition to local seniors who've done their part in making Greater Danbury such an incredible place to live.

This week, we give a giant shout-out to Patricia Llodra from Newtown, who according to a family friend, Brian Mauriello, has done more, and has had more of an impact on the people of the Newtown/Sandy Hook community than anyone he knows. Here's what Brian had to say about his friend Pat Llodra:

Pat has served the elderly and EVERYONE in our great town of Newtown/Sandy Hook-before, during and after one of the nation's worst conceivable tragedies. She's done it with vision, grace, and a steadiness that is inconceivable. The selfless generosity of her time, wisdom, and guidance through such horrible times is truly nothing short of heroic.

She has shaped the vision for our town's new community and senior center. She's a friend to all, toddler to senior, democrat or republican. The assistance grants she's orchestrated and the vision to create a proactive community health and human services division has been amazing!

She's been a silent background motivator, visionary, and supporter in addition to her public figure life and the readers of American Senior Magazine would be inspired to learn about this truly remarkable woman.

We say thank you, Pat Llodra, for making such a positive impact on the communities of Newtown/Sandy Hook.

Speaking of incredible people who have done amazing things for our local communities, check out this interview I did with Danbury activist, Lynn Taborsak:

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