The Home of Rock N' Roll has partnered up with American Senior Magazine to give a nod of recognition to local seniors who've done their part in making Greater Danbury such an incredible place to live.

This week we give a giant shout-out to Nancy Nichols of New Milford, who according to her granddaughter, Elora, was actively involved in the New Milford school system and has mentored trouble youths while addressing mental health issues. Here is what Nancy's granddaughter, Elora Herberick had to say about her grandmother's accomplishments:

My grandmother, Nan, is 81 years young and has been retired for seventeen years. She was a guidance counselor at Pettibone Elementary School, Schaghticoke Middle School, and New Milford High where she mentored trouble youths. Nancy has been an active member of the New Milford Congregational Church where she served as a deacon and is still a member of the church choir. She's also an avid birder and has traveled world wide pursuing the hobby she so loves. My granddmother is also a master gardner as evidenced by her beautiful flowers and nature trails around her home.

As a volunteer tutor, she taught English as a second language. She loves penguins so much, she been to Antarctica twice!  She's helped to build a school and outdoor plumbing for a rural village in Oaxaca, Mexico.

My grandmother, Nan, is amazing! She's a strong leader, with drive, compassion, and what seems to be unlimited resilence. I know that our family and the hundreds of people she's helped, encouraged, and guided are forever grateful to have such a wonderful woman in their lives.

Thank you, Nancy Allen Nichols, for making such an important impact on the great town of New Milford!

Each week, we'll continue to highlight a Greater Danbury senior who simply makes this wonderful area a better place to live. The featured senior will receive a $50 gift card to use at an area mall and a one year subscription to American Senior Magazine. Is there a senior in your life who deserves some well-earned recognition? It could be a grandfather, aunt, friend, or even your mom. It's easy, just fill out the form below. We'll be accepting submissions between 8/21/17 and 11/21/17.

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