Connecticut is home to a lot of cute downtowns that you wouldn't really think of. People from all over the state have their small-town downtown that they love, but it doesn't necessarily mean it grows that much attraction from the rest of the state. One that comes to mind for me personally? New Milford.

Before I started working here, I never really paid attention to this part of the state. As I started coming around here more and more often, I realized that this part of the state has so much to offer. New Milford came to mind because people from northern Connecticut wouldn't necessarily think it. But if you're from here, I think you'd agree. It's been said many times that New Milford is the perfect small-town for a movie set.

Another that comes to mind for me is West Hartford, Westport, the list can go on. Connecticut has so many of them and I'm not complaining. One small-town downtown in our state got recognized by HGTV. They came out with a list of the 40 of the Most Charming Small-Town Downtowns in America and Connecticut landed as number 2 on that list. Can you take a guess at which town?

HGTV wrote a quick blurb before listing the towns talking about how they curated the list. They talked about what makes these small-town downtowns - the historic architecture, the boutiques, local culture and tree-lined streets. They talked the food, atmosphere, etc. But they made this list by looking for vibrant towns that encourage you to stay there and explore.

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Mystic was number 2 on that list. Did you guess that? Probably. But the answer is true. Mystic has that charm to it and it's perfect for staying and exploring. Known for the seaside villages, the amazing restaurants, shops, and the history, it's a perfect place to go and explore. If you're not from here and you needed to come to Connecticut, Mystic is the perfect place for you to stop.

I feel like since it's in our state, we take it for granted. Some people will probably roll their eyes and think "oh yet again, Mystic" just like they do whenever they hear about New Haven pizza. But the buzz is worth it. When you're not from here, you see the beauty this state has to offer and it's a really cool thing to see.

Personally, I think Mystic is a perfect fit for this list. What other downtowns would you add?

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