What's a sure way to irritate someone who has lived in the same place for decades? Renumbering the exit number on the highway that carries guests to your home. Get ready to call Aunt Bertha, her trip into the Naugatuck Valley this summer may confuse her.

According to the State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation on ct.gov, a massive $10 million dollar project to renumerate and replace traffic signage will start along Route 8 right after the 4th of July holiday weekend 2024 wraps up. Starting Monday, July 8, The Quaker Corporation will be out along Route 8 replacing and renumbering the highway signage along Route 8 in:

  • Ansonia
  • Bridgeport
  • Derby
  • Shelton
  • Torrington
  • Waterbury
  • Beacon Falls
  • Harwinton
  • Litchfield
  • Naugatuck
  • Seymour
  • Thomaston
  • Trumbull
  • Watertown
  • Winchester

The work is scheduled to be completed by November 26, 2024, and you may encounter temporary lane closures at various times while work progresses. Why are they doing this? The existing signs have worn out their welcome, in addition to being worn down physically, their reflectiveness has taken a beating.

The renumeration of the exits along Route 8 will comply with the Federal standard matching exit numbers to mile markers. I've looked through the list of changes, and there are quite a few more number changes from Naugatuck to Bridgeport, not so drastic Waterbury to Torrington. The largest number changes that I can see on the list will be in Shelton, where the Exit for Huntington Road will change from it's current #11 to #7, and Ansonia where most of the exits through town will drop by 3-4.

Exit 14 Aunt Doris, we're Exit 14 now, don't forget.

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