I'll admit I began my love affair with Candlewood Lake when I bought my wife, Mindy, her/our first used boat from a United Airlines pilot who was moving to Atlanta back in 1987. Our pontoon, which we've named "Radio Waves," is our fourth.

Back when our kids were "kids" we would spend endless summers swimming and pulling them around on one of those tube things. I ruined two transmissions trailering our Bayliner up to "Great Sacandaga Lake" every summer for vacation.

Over the last 5 years, I've had this "thing" about snapping photos of Candlewood Lake sunsets. I mean, really, how many friggin' sunset photos does one person need?!

I asked you guys to send me some of your personal photos of Candlewood Lake so I could display them on I-95Rock.com and the I-95 Face Book page. 

would like to thank our contributors: Liz Heyel Mitchell, Karen Tomanic Bachmann, Laura Toth Kovacs, Bill Wakeley, and Joe Vinci and Adam Wolver Dean. I've also included some of my photos as well. I couldn't help myself.

Enjoy the video slideshow and we hope to see you on the lake!

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