I couldn't believe my eyes as some guy wearing water propulsion boots rose out of the water and into the sky!

I didn't know this was even a thing! How could I have not known there was a contraption that propelled you out of the water where you could learn to maneuver in the air with twists and turns?

According to JetPack America, in 2011, the Hydro Jetpack that turns you into a flyboarder  was made commercially available to the American public after many refinements and test crashes, and for only thousands and thousands of dollars, you could own one of your very own. What's different from the guy in the photo above is that he has a jetpack, whereas in this short video that I took on Candlewood Lake this weekend, the dude is using a flyboard. Check it out:

If you've got a hankerin' to learn how to flyboard or pick up a sweet jetpack, visit ctflyboard.com. Because we live in one of the most wealthy areas of the country, I assumed that many guys would be proud owners of these magnificent water toys. You know what most guys say -- the person who dies with the most toys, WINS!

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This content was written in partnership with Gerard’s Waters Edge Marina. Gerard’s Waters Edge Marina is family-owned and operated, and is the only water side marina on the northern end of Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. Gerard’s can provide you with the latest and best in marine products to make your outdoor living more enjoyable.

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