One bad ass Connecticut mom has gone viral for her decisive action when a raccoon attacked her 5-year-old daughter om Friday (12/2/22).

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Her name is Logan MacNamara and her daughter Rylee was bitten by a raccoon and screaming for help. When Logan heard the cries she intervened separating the child and the animal. The video was captured on MacNamara's home surveillance system in Ashford, CT and posted to Storyful on Saturday (12/3/22). MacNamara told Storyful the following:

"I heard her screaming and ran to see what was going on. I thought maybe she slammed her hand in the door, I was not expecting to see a raccoon attacking her. If I didn't have the video I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what happened, it all happened so fast." 

I have been an eyewitness to the almighty power of moms. There is no force in nature that is more imposing, or deadly than a mother whose child is in danger. I've seen it from my mom, my sisters and my wife Erica. These ladies take on an otherworldly another level of strength that does not wear off until their child is safe.

That raccoon didn't stand a chance. There was a moment when you can see the raccoon, recognizing, it f----  up.


You'll notice that Logan is talking s--- right in the raccoon's face. She's got a real Jalen Ramsey vibe happening here. You can see that the raccoon appears to be saying, "nah, I was just playing."

Logan was not playing, as you can see below.


Her face seems very determined as she wound up to throw this raccoon to Neptune. It's another victory for moms all over the world. The current score is Moms - 9,867,224, Everyone Else - 0.

It looks like both mom and daughter will be OK. According to ABC 7

Rylee has a bite mark on her leg and her mom has scratches on her arm. Both are now getting rabies shots.

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on Monday, listen below.

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