Did you know that the Rock Cornish Game Hen originated in Connecticut? Do you know what a Cornish Game Hen is? Can you find it on a restaurant menu? Yeah, me either.

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The time - 1950ish. The place - Pomfret, Connecticut. The achievement - Alphonsine "Therese" and Jacques Makowsky become the first to cross-breed a standard Cornish chicken with a White Plymouth Rock Hen, and a Malaysian fighting cock. The result - Cornish Game Hen, which matures quickly, develops large breasts, and fatty skin. According to wikipedia.com, Greenwich's Victor Borge invested and promoted the Cornish game hen concept, which transformed the dish from an exotic menu item into a common household name.

That was in the 1950 & 1960's, try to find a Cornish game hen on a restaurant menu here in Connecticut in 2023, it's nearly impossible. I looked at every menu online from Pomfret restaurants, I couldn't find one. In the town of it's origin? Come on Pomfret!

You've seen Cornish game hens in the freezer section of the meat department in your local supermarket. My grandmother used to make them for our Christmas dinner. What are they? Cornish game hens are the smallest of the commercial chicken family because they're basically babies. A Cornish game hen must be harvested before five-six weeks of age. They're not miniature chickens, they're just young. Cornish game hens weigh roughly 2.5 pounds at slaughter.

The taste? Although 'game' is in the name, the meat is tender, with a delicate chicken flavor, no gaminess at all.

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We have KFC, Popeye's, Krispy Krunchy in every gas station, Haven hot chicken, wings from everywhere, but not one Cornish game hen on a menu? If you know of one, please let me know.

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