Mike Finoia is a well established stand-up comedian, he's a writer for TruTV's Impractical Jokers, host of the podcast Amigo's with Mike Finoia and a regular on Sirius XM's The Bonfire on Comedy Central Radio.

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Mike has been featured in the NY Comedy Festival, the Oddball Comedy Tour, and the Impractical Jokers National Tour. Most importantly, Finoia grew up in the New Haven, Connecticut area.

Recently Finoia joined the I-95 Morning Show to promote his most recent gig at the Fairfield Theater Company and we had to ask him New Haven's most important question, who has the best pizza? This is what he had to say:

"You're putting me on the spot. Well I'll tell you growing up here, I have my core like four or five that I'll go to and it depends on the line, you know? Sally's, Modern, in this order Sally's, Modern, Pepe's and BAR are tied for third." 

Mike's rankings seemed straightforward, he said Sally's was the best but then he spent all of his time talking about how great "BAR New Haven Pizza" was.

"I love BAR Pizza, it's on Crown Street a lot of people don't bring it up and I think it's underrated. BAR is excellent, for people who've never been there you get the mashed potato pizza. It sounds sacrilegious but you try it and it's out of this world. You eat it, it's so thin, they somehow put mashed potatoes on pizza and it's so super-thin. You eat it like it's a slice of paper and then the starch bomb goes off like twenty minutes later in your stomach."  

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I can't get a straight answer out of these New Haven people. Pizza was not the only topic of conversation, we learned Mike is a huge fan of Phish and has seen over 230 live shows.

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You can hear Mike's entire I-95 Morning Show guest appearance below.

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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