Hey, it's Mike Karolyi but you can call me Karolyi. I am very happy to announce that I am moving into the Home of Rock and Roll, I95 in Danbury. It's an honor for me to share the studio with the legendary Ethan Carey, Lou Milano, Large Dave and the rest of the personalities that you listen to every day.

I am thrilled to be back on-air in Connecticut and I invite you to tune in, download the I95 mobile app and hang out with me weekday afternoons from 3p-7p. It all starts Monday May 8, 2023!

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I was born and raised in Winsted, CT and spent much of my teen years going to concerts at the New Haven Coliseum, Hartford Civic Center and who didn't spend many nights at Toads Place and Tuxedo Junction?

I spent nearly 30 years on the radio in Hartford, CT. In my time at WCCC I had the privilege of interviewing so many of the artists I grew up listening to. Imagine a kid from Winsted getting the opportunity to speak with Jimmy Page, David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler and so many more!


I am looking forward to sharing those stories, getting you up to date on everything that is happening today with Classic Rock and making some new memories at I95 in Danbury.

Hang out with me weekday afternoons from 3p-7p for 40 minutes of non-stop Classic Rock every hour on the Home of Rock and Roll I95.


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