You can call me an ugly American or ramble on about China stealing our secrets, say what you want but I LOVE me some Tik Tok.

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No other app allows you to have five to six different belly laughs in under three minutes. It's also chock full of regional content, tiny little tragic tales that sum up life in the Nutmeg State. I saved up a few of these Constitutional gems that will have you saying, "That's so Connecticut!"

1 - Almost Died in Bridgeport from @thectfamily

@thectfamily Bridgeport amiright #ct #connecticut #connecticutcheck #ctfamily ♬ OMG I ALMOST DIED - LC Editing

How do you share a quick laugh with friends about drugs and gang violence? Do it in someone else's voice and keep it quick. Thanks Tik Tok!

2 - Lamont Jokes from @thectfamily

@thectfamily Why wre CT roads so bad #ct #connecticut #connecticutcheck #ctfamily ♬ original sound - Koosh604

Taking dumps on the Governor is part of the Connecticut experience. It's not just about this Governor (Ned Lamont), historically CT residents get off on dunking in the Gov's face. Just ask Malloy if you haven't forgotten he existed.

3 - List Inexpensive Connecticut Activities from @tasteconnecticut 

@tasteconnecticut The Beinecke Library is a must visit spot in Connecticut. 📍 121 Wall St, New Haven, CT #ct #connecticut #thingstodoinct #yale #library #newhaven ♬ Epic Music(863502) - Draganov89

There are no inexpensive activities in Connecticut so coming up with lists of them is damn near impossible. CT is the only place where looking at books is an acceptable answer to this experiential question. This short video is the best way to tell you this place is generally very expensive and awfully boring.

4 - Rich Ladies Telling You How to Be Properly CT Rich from @malibutoast

@malibutoast Bonus points for a tiny dog or a goldendoodle. #connecticut #oldmoneylifestyle #oldmoney ♬ original sound - Malibutoast

There are no words I can use to react to this video. Anything that is genuinely in me would get me cancelled so please accept it when I tell you, I felt it too.

5 - Vicious Animal Attacks from @noticiastelemundo

@noticiastelemundo 🎥 Una madre corre al rescate de su hija tras ser atacada por un mapache agresivo. #connecticut #mapache #rabia #animales ♬ original sound - Noticias Telemundo

Connecticut people are surrounded by living things and yet somehow surprised to see them. It's not just the rest of America that hates us, our own wildlife does too.

6 - Bear Encounters from @nbcnews

@nbcnews Video shows a #Connecticut man finding a #bear ♬ original sound - nbcnews

I know you're probably thinking, we just covered this but bear encounters are actually their own category in Connecticut. We get three to four close encounters a week on video and we share them all on social media and the evening news. It's as if our memory has been wiped clean, like in the feature film: "Men in Black."

7 - Constantly Disparaging Our Home from @alexandertraynor

@alexandertraynorConnecticut: The State I'm In.♬ original sound - Alex Traynor

No one has more negative things to say about CT, than someone from CT. This video is one of thousands like it. "The Dollar Store version of Lin-Manuel Miranda" gets me every time.

8 - Going Places Just to Take Photos from @tasteconnecticut

@tasteconnecticut Cool places to take photos in Connecticut 📸 📍Saville Dam, Barkhamsted, CT 📍Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, CT 📍Mortensen Riverfront Plaza, Hartford, CT #ct #connecticut #thingstodoinct #barkhamstedct #newhaven #hartford ♬ Wonder - Shawn Mendes

If Connecticut were a recipe, it would have three cups of boredom, two tablespoons of obnoxious and a dash of narcissism. Planning trips just to take pictures and making certain everyone sees those pictures is SOOOO Connecticut.

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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