According to the NY Post an unnamed suspect has been taken into custody for allegedly looting homes on Hawaii's big island. Police say the man took advantage of the fact that most of these homes were empty due to mandatory lava evacuations.

The neighborhood is called Leilani Estates and a resident who went back to retrieve some things from his home says he saw the suspect in question exiting the residence. The resident called police and they picked the man up on Wednesday.

So a river of LAVA from a VOLCANO is making it's way through your neighborhood and you break into people's homes and steal their stuff? Even if I was a criminal, I'd probably take a few days off, you know, because of the lava and all.

I think if lava was flowing through my neighborhood I'd only have a few things on my mind. The first would be, leaving the neighborhood so I don't melt all the way to death. If I were successful in part one of my plan I'd be psyched for a minute. The next few months AKA part 2 would be spent pacing and muttering to myself, "nature is real." "This is so real."


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