Ethan wears almost the same outfit every morning. He carries the same briefcase and says the same things when he walks through the door. It's the very same every single morning, and that is the way I like it. When he does something different, it throws me off.

This morning when he walked through the door carrying a gift bag, I was confused and and frankly, a little upset. What could be in there? Why is it Halloween-themed colors during Christmas and Hanukkah? Since when did he start giving gifts?

Rather than just asking him what's in the bag, I decided to obsess over it and make guesses in my head. Fact is, the speculation is going to be way more interesting than the truth. Now, I'm bored with my guesses and I want you to play along with me.

What is in Ethan's bag? Is it a gift or is it meant to look like a gift during the gift giving season? Since when does he shop? Since when does he do things? Talk to me.

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