Death is inevitable, we are all gonna go. It's sad, but true.

I read recently about a woman killed by a Tiger Shark. It's a tragedy, especially because the woman was young, but it's also a cool exit. Sure, it's painful but a lot of our "endings" are painful. If you could could write your final act, how would it go?

For me, it's a battle with a bear — Man v Bear, Bear v. Man. I'm the Man, the Bear is the Bear, and somehow, I am also the Bear.

It goes like this:

The bear is roaming the streets of Danbury, attacking everyone in its path. I'm in line at the Rice & Beans food truck. I see this happening, I get my rice and beans, take one last bite, collect my thoughts, and move in.

The Bear lunges at me with its paw. Its razor sharp nails take a chunk out of my left arm. I'm now injured, bleeding profusely, but I'm committed to battle. I take the offensive.

I swing — it's a closed fist right hook — I miss and I fall. The bear pounces on me. It bites a bad chunk out of my head and it's bad, but not fatal.

The bear continues to scratch and bite. I've got little left in me, but I bite it on the chest. I keep eating away at his chest as it eats my head.

We die in each others arms. THE END.

I hope that is how I go. It will likely overshadow everything I have done in my life. Now, my death is my legacy. Normally, I wouldn't be okay with that, but it's an honorable and brave death.

If you could write your end, how would it go? Is it man v. animal? Is it a 17-day coke binge in Tijuana? Do you go out in your sleep? Doing what you love? Doing what you hate? Talk to me.

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