Yesterday on the Ethan and Lou show we talked about a story where Norwalk, CT residents were unhappy with a TV show on ABC. Real quick back story. There is a fictional TV show on ABC called "American Housewife." This show is supposed to take place in Westport, CT and takes shots at neighboring Norwalk, CT.

Blah, blah, blah. Stop being babies and getting your feelings hurt. Anyway, the fact that people were so sensitive about their hometown sent me into a mood. I purposely went on the air and just started dogging towns in our listening area just to upset people.

It got me to thinking, if you had to describe your town, this time the city of Danbury in 6 words, what words would you use? I'd have to go with: "Danbury, where hockey comes to die." There are so many good things about Danbury, but I'm a realist, and I know this will be a bag session and that's fine because those are funny.

You can even be like Dwight and just blow right through the number restriction.



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