Take a good look at the photo above. Do you recognize that woman?

The woman above came into the Georgetown Shell Station during Friday evening on Dec. 22, '17 at around 10:45pm. There is a $500 reward leading to the positive identification of the woman pictured above.

She entered the station with a friend also shown above and was seen driving a late model Q series silver Audi SUV. If you have any information whatsoever regarding this woman, private message Steve at Georgetown Shell or call 203-544-8727.


At this time, I'm unable to find out any other factual information about this woman or why she's being sought. I've checked Google and the Georgetown Shell FB page and have run into a dead end. It's been rumored, however, that she backed into a gas pump, spilled a ton of gas, and then drove away into the night. Again, no rumors have been confirmed.

If you know anything about this case, let us know in the comments section.

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