You asked for it, now you're going to get it. Heat lovers rejoice, because it's time for a good old fashioned summer heatwave.

The heat is on and the summer sun is sizzling. We're turning the Bunsen burner way up, as the daytime temperatures in Greater Danbury and Putnam and Dutchess Counties will stay in the mid to upper 90s right through the weekend and into early next week. Meteorologist Ryan Gallagher from the Connecticut Weather Center says this is one classic summer heatwave:

We've got a classic Bermuda high pattern sending a lot of heat and humidity in our direction. The good thing is that there's a weak cold front trailing this system and that will keep humidity slightly lower today (Friday), and then we'll get the big serge that will bring in the real hot stuff for this weekend, with things starting to peak on Monday.

A slow moving cold front boundary will be draped over our region Tuesday and Wednesday bringing some showers and thunderstorms and a break in the heatwave.

Various sources define a heatwave as a prolonged period of excessive heat and humidity, and that's just what we're in for.

Now I know some of the safety tips in this video may seem obvious, but it's always better to be safe when it comes to the 'searing summer heat'.

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