Yesterday was of course the BIG day for fireworks but if you have lived in this country for some time you know the fireworks don't stop until people run out. So here are my fireworks safety/survival tips:

  • If your head and heart are not in it don't even pick up the lighter. You gotta have laser focus and unbridled enthusiasm to blow stuff up without losing a digit.
  • If someone yells "RUN" you run, this is not a time to ask a follow up question. You can sort out the details later.
  • Do NOT modify your fireworks like the Florida man who lost part of his hands and his eyebrows Tuesday night. Florida you say?
  • Aim up. Even the best private/illegal fireworks display is going to have a close call or two. You can minimize these and set yourself up for success by not aiming at your guests.
  • Stay in school, just say no, if you see something, say something. These are helpful in all facets of life.

P.S. Other than fountains and sparklers, fireworks are illegal in the state of CT. I'm not telling anyone to play with fireworks so if you blow off your big toe or get arrested that's on you. 

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