This past Sunday the temperature climbed into record-setting numbers and that usually means Squantz Pond State Park reaches capacity early.

This past Sunday that's exactly what happened when the park was closed to cars by 10am when it reached its 250 vehicle limit. When that's the case, you're still allowed into the park but your vehicle is not. This is when you need to make a decision, find an alternative parking space or turnaround and go back home.

How far you've traveled and how desperate you are to get into the park will determine at what lengths you'll go to creatively park your vehicle. When I say creatively, I'm talking about parking on someone's front lawn when you don't think they're looking. Some will choose to simply pull over and leave their vehicle off to the side of RT. 39 hoping it doesn't get towed. Both parking alternatives are bad ideas.

Squantz Pond State Park Vehicle Entrance - Instant Google Streetview
Squantz Pond State Park Vehicle Entrance - Instant Google Streetview

When I hit up Facebook to find out what New Fairfield residents were saying about the overflow parking situation around Squantz Pond State Park, here's an example of what I found without revealing any names:

By the 440 Line cars were out of control. They cut me off over the double yellow to get ahead in the line of cars to enter the park. It's a shame."


Need to get ICE agents to hang out at the park entrance, sure they would be pretty busy.


There were 21 replies to that last comment.

Reply to the Previous Comment:

The only problem with our town is revolting race baiting conservative ammosexual gun fetishizing idiots like you forcing your faulty and entirely uncompassionate and ungodly views down people's throats. Take your red cap and shove it buttercup before SOMEONE drops a house on you....wicked little boy.



And so that previous thread on FB continued with both sides name calling each other until the righteous Facebookers got bored, dropped out throwing around accusations and went about their weekend.

Maybe a more civilized constructive way to handle the situation would be to drop by New Fairfield Town Hall and chat with First Selectman, Pat Del Monaco to voice your concerns about the overflow parking situation no matter which side of the issue you're on. Just a suggestion.   

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