I really try to find the best in people, and search for compassion as well. Phil Giordano tests all limits.

Plenty of people with power abuse it. Time and time again, figures of authority and those in the political arena act as if they are above the law.

What former Waterbury Mayor Phil Giordano did was unconscionable. In my opinion, the fact that he believes he deserves a re-trial speaks to his arrogance and audacity.

The Hartford Courant is reporting that former Waterbury Mayor and convicted child rapist, Phil Giordano, is again being rejected by the nation's highest court. Thankfully, once again, the U.S. Supreme Court is rejecting Giordano's request for a new trial. As a matter of fact, the court has flat out refused to hear Giordano's appeal. They rejected his requests in 2006 and 2009 as well. Giordano claimed his rights were violated because his attorney mishandled the case. He is serving a 37-year sentence, with his projected release date in 2034.

The trial was ugly at best. The details rocked not only Waterbury, but the state of Connecticut too. The depravity of what was unearthed by investigators left many residents shaking their heads in disbelief. While we should never forget, it's time to lay this part of Connecticut's political history to rest. I, for one, hopes it stops now.

Shut up. Take it like a man. Do your time. Be thankful that you even have a shot at seeing the light of day ever again.

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