Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton joined us in his regular weekly spot on the Ethan & Lou Show and this time the discussion centered around the summer boating season on Candlewood Lake. There are already discussions about noise pollution and how to handle this. Ethan, Lou and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton were in disagreement at first about the issue itself and then it turned into a love fest.

If I hadn't spoken up, this would have turned into the biggest "get off my lawn" segment in the history of "Get off my lawn" segments. Whether Ethan, Mark or I like it, young loud people who are on the lake to party are just as entitled to the lake as we are.

Do I get angry when I see a boat packed with young people dancing and sweating on one another while listening to high energy, loud music? I do, I get mad that I'm not on that boat, mad that I am not 20 years younger and super pissed at the young people for not knowing how great their lives are at this moment in time.

They have no kids, their career is on the rise (or it should be), they have no real consequential bills or real debt to speak of. Life is right in front of them and their biggest decision of the day is who on the boat to "give it to." Yeah, I'm mad, but for all the wrong reasons.

I will say, I have encountered boats full of young people who just play their music beyond a level that is fair to anyone within their sight line. In these cases, I've turned the boat around and gone far away from them. It's a big lake.

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