I'm not complaining because there are many who have suffered much more than the loss of their electricity. These are just some of my observations driving around on Sunday, May 20.

If you're reading this, you've seen the photo that introduces this blog. I snapped this photo on Sunday, May 20 around 8:30 am as I was searching for my first cup of coffee. The home pictured in that photo is from the next street up from ours in New Fairfield. My heart goes out to those homeowners and I hope they weren't physically impacted by that tree.

Dodging power lines on Dick Finn Rd. in New Fairfield
Dodging power lines on Dick Finn Rd. in New Fairfield

On Saturday, May 19, we received an email notice from Eversource that our 'estimated time for restoration' had been moved from Saturday at midnight to Tuesday, May 22 at midnight. All I could think of was, "fanf---ingtastic!" because now I needed to pour a crapload of water (pun intended) into the tank of the toilet for the obvious reason.

I was so out of my element, I was vibrating, so I decided to drive to the radio station to charge all my devices and work for a couple of hours rather than sit home with my dorky headlamp reading a Susan Grafton novel.


As I made the left onto Rt. 37 from Sawmill Road, I saw what I took to be a Sunday miracle, a line of utility repair trucks like you've never seen before!  Utility trucks from  Eversource, red trucks from who knows where, PSNH trucks out of New Hampshire and orange Asplundh tree trucks, all of the drivers waving American Flags as I broke into the finale of the "William Tell Overture" as I rolled down my window giving each and every driver a thumbs up as they went by! There had to be at least 30 to 40 trucks rumbling into our little town of New Fairfield to save the day! CAN I GET AN, "AMEN"?!

I suddenly pictured myself at home sitting comfortably on my living room couch blogging my ass off and then pouring myself a glass of Bulleit bourbon on the rocks while cooking a Blue Apron dinner for the wife and I, and then setting up our "old people" TV tables to watch Scandal on Netflix.

Then I slowly got to thinking, what if all of those life-saving trucks were just traveling through New Fairfield to get to Patterson, New York? Wouldn't that be a kick in the balls?

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