Quite often, Lou and I invite our listeners to weigh in on the top issues of the day like that new roundabout in New Milford.

I recently wrote a blog about New Milford's new one-lane roundabout on Still River Drive where it meets Lanesville Rd. and Picket District Rd. It's a beautiful piece of construction boys and girls! The photo below is the intersection before the roundabout was constructed.

Still River Drive Intersection in New Milford - Google Instant Streetview

According to the Director of New Milford's Public Works Department, Mike Zarba, roundabouts are "proven to be safer" because they prevent T-bone collisions. How much to build it you might ask? The price-tag was $1.1 million and was paid for using a local Transportation Capital Improvement Program grant according to an article in the NewsTimes dated June 4, 2018. So Lou and I opened up the phones to ask what you thought about this exciting new one-lane roundabout in New Milford.

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