Whenever something new springs up in a small town or city it's a pretty big deal!

New Milford's brand-spankin' new Still River Drive roundabout is good to go for traffic thanks to New Milford's Public Works Dept., and as roundabouts go, this one is gorgeous! If you're traveling Rt. 7/202 North towards New Milford, hang a right onto Still River Drive. You'll see the new roundabout when you arrive at the intersection of Still River Drive, Lanesville Rd. and Picket District Rd.

My wife Mindy mutters to me about how she's not a fan of the roundabout and you know why? She doesn't know the rules of driving a single-lane roundabout. You know what they say? Knowledge is Power? Check out the rules and regs below.

Still River Drive Roundabout - Credit New Milford Public Works FB Page
Still River Drive Roundabout - Credit New Milford Public Works FB Pag

It's actually very easy. According to wsdot.wa.go, as you approach the roundabout, slow down and watch for any pedestrians in the crosswalk and then look to your left as you near the yield sign. Make sure to yield to vehicles already moving through the roundabout.

Simply put, you must YIELD if you're approaching the roundabout. You have the RIGHT OF WAY if you're in the roundabout. Go ahead, drive on thru a bunch of times from different directions. Better yet, bring some snacks and make a weekend of it. Not to worry, eventually, you'll get the hang of it! Here's another example straight from New Milford's Public Works Department:

Lou and I took some calls from New Milford residents about the roundabout and here's what YOU had to say:

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