If Augies Restaurant has been one of your go-to eateries in Danbury, get ready for Gisella's Ristorante.

Why do I mention Augies? Gisella and husband Chef Ricardo Duran formerly of Augies are opening up their very own restaurant called Gisella's at 4 Starr Road in Danbury. Their tagline on their Facebook page says it all: "that familiar good taste you've been missing."

The two have also brought along some of their favorite waitstaff from Augies so you can be served by some of the best and familiar servers in the Danbury area. Gisella and Ricardo are looking to open their brand new Italian eatery before the end of August and said they will make the formal opening announcement on their Facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy the Peanuts gang doing their version of Billy Joel's, "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant."

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