According to the News Times a Barstool Sports TV show on ESPN was cancelled after one episode. For those who don't know, Barstool Sports is a monster. The website, it's podcasts and features are top of mind everyday for men all around the country. These guys are just plain funny.

The website and company was started by Dave Portnoy or "El pres." Since he launched it I've watched the popularity grow year after year. I mean this site is a force. It's permeated every corner of pop culture, boasts celebrity fans of every shape and kind and is just truly funny.

It's really funny to an entire chunk of American society that gets more marginalized on a daily basis. People who like it can TAKE a joke. If you need and love "safe spaces" the site is not for you. Also, get bent life is dangerous, scary and ugly. There are NO "safe spaces."

ESPN decided since they are boring, lame, suck and bad at what they do they would co-op some of Barstool's popularity. They offered Barstool a show, it was called "Barstool Van Talk" and it aired on ESPN 2 at 1 am. One episode aired, then ESPN cancelled it.

ESPN President John Skipper  had this to say about parting ways with Barstool: “While we had approval on the content of the show, I erred in assuming we could distance our efforts from the Barstool site and its content,”

If I am Dave Portnoy, I could not be happier with this result. What did he and his company get from this experience?:

  • They got a legitimacy nod from ESPN aka Disney that their product was awesome enough to partner with.
  • They got dope ass headlines all around the country, even from our old, dusty nuts, local newspaper here in town.
  • They got a fresh new bullet on their resume
  • They were bounced before the clowns at Disney could water down their content.
  • They got a great "out" from a partnership with the Titanic of Sports. Now they are the "Bad Boy."

WIN-WIN-WIN for Barstool Sports.

What is my beef with ESPN you say? It's not that they are a liberal megaphone, which they are. It's not that their coverage of every major sporting event they carry is a train wreck, which it is. It's that they are boring. Plain and simple, the product is boring now.

I don't have an ax to grind. I'm not a board op that got fired for spilling a Fanta all over the equipment. They did not show an embarrassing Youtube video of me on Sports Nation. The shows are just hard to watch. This is coming from someone who used to watch Sports Center over and over again.

I'm sorry I did not catch the sole episode of "Barstool Van Talk." I'll add that to the list of life regrets I have. A#1 on that list is not working for Barstool Sports


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