A report published by People Magazine last week revealed the results of a study that said 10.7 million Americans were planning a sick day today (5/20/19) to recover from "Game of Thrones" coming to an end.

The estimate/study came from Workforce Institute at Kronos who also said the "GOT" fans who do make it in to the office will be late and less productive than they normally are. What the hell is in this show?

I must have missed out on quite the program. I was not a fan, never saw an episode and I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking. I mean people are so devastated the show is over that there are therapists offering help to people who are depressed by the show being gone. That's some powerful TV right there.

I mean, that's ridiculous of course but still, if this show is having that kid of impact on people, I may have to kick off an 8 season TV binge in a hurry. The only problem is, I'll have no one to talk to about it. No one wants to talk to the idiot who is eight years late to the party and I am that idiot.


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