Why was the driver who caused four deaths in a Taconic Parkway crash given only four months in prison?

In August of 2015 Nerim Sinanovic was driving his BMW on the Taconic with his wife and two young daughters in the car when he turned towards the back seat and began driving with his knees. As the car began to veer to the right, his wife grabbed the steering wheel and the car abruptly veered left. Seconds later four people were dead including Sinanovic's two year old daughter.

Sinanovic's BMW went airborne and landed in the southbound lane crashing into a Toyota Camry killing all three passengers. Sinanovic pleaded guilty to four counts of criminally negligent homicide. He also had the drug Xanax in his system. The Putnam Daily Voice reported today that Judge Barry Warhit has sentenced Sinanovic to what is called Shock Probation. He will spend four months in prison and then five years on probation.

Why such a light sentence for a man who caused four deaths? It's because Sinanovic knew he was in the wrong, which is why he insisted on pleading guilty. After all the evidence and testimony was presented in court, the family of the crash victims chose to forgive Sinanovic because he owned up to his crime and was legitimately devastated and sorry for what he had done.

Remember that Sinanovic lost one of his daughters in the accident. I can't even begin to imagine what this man is going through and how his true punishment will be how this will haunt he and his wife for the rest of their lives.

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