This is some super amazing drone footage (video above) covering miles and miles of the ice jam taken by friend of the show and videographer, Themightymoze.

He has affectionately dubbed this "THE GREAT HOUSATONIC / KENT ICE JAM OF 2018". The video was shot as route 7 remained closed in both directions from the area of Bull's Bridge to Kent center.

Themightymoze explains that what we’re witnessing here is the water receding, which seems to be what’s making the ice break and float both over, and under the still solid ice. In turn, the river is backing up and breaking the ice from below, and then forcing water over the river’s banks sending it out to lower areas surrounding the Housatonic River.

It’s truly the beauty of nature’s fury from the best possible vantage point. This is a video we can show future generations as they look back on the winter of 2018. When we start to complain about the heat this summer, we can all watch this to cool off!

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