I've heard thousands of Metro North trains, and their horns would rumble by on the Waterbury line when I lived there, but they never shook me or my dogs. I had to move to Torrington for that.

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I live on S. Main Street in Torrington, last week I was out walking my dog near Berkshire Auto and Carvel when the typical silence was interrupted by the long blow of a train horn. My poor little 5 pound Chihuahua jumped around two feet in the air, and took off running until he pulled all 15 feet of his leash out. I've got horrendous hearing from working in classic rock radio for 32 years, but it still made me look over my shoulder.

The railroad track is only around 200 feet away from S. Main Street, and damn, it sounded like it was right behind us. It wasn't a Metro North train, it was locomotive from Thomaston's Railroad Museum of New England.

Thanks to the social media group I belong to- Original T-Town Torrington Chatter on Facebook, and the RMNE, I now know it was a U23B 2203 that startled us as it was clearing the tracks for one of their private St. Patrick's Day charter train trips 'The Leprechaun Express to Bad Dog Brewing Co.

The private charter excursions that the Museum hosts look really interesting, especially the upcoming Fugitive Express in May 2023. I do enjoy the sound of the trains as they pass through, just go easy on the horn along S. Main Street 'Ride the Naugy", if you see me waddling by with a tiny dog, we'd appreciate it.

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