Hilarious! A+ review! Shout all the way out to @emdayhall

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I was cruising Tik Tok looking at local videos to see what people around me are saying about the places around us (Greater Danbury) when I found a video I love. I liked it for a variety of reasons, but I must say the best line is "This is where we go to feel like we have a community." Take a look.

@emdayhall♬ original sound - Day Hall

Things I love about this video:

  • Pro Bethel
  • Pro Small Business
  • Pro Filthy Animals
  • Pro Florescent lights
  • Pro alcohol

Greenwood Features is in Bethel, CT and it is supposed to be amazing, I've heard nothing but good things. The theater is at 269 Grenwood Avenue in the building that used to be the Bethel Cinema. As the story goes, The Cinema was bought by a Bethel couple, Jaimie and Frank, and they "reimagined" the space.  They have 4 different screens showing a wide range of movies. But most important to me, beer & a movie.

Review Recap: "I live in a place that has no street lights, no sewers, no sidewalks or nothing. This is where we go to feel like we have a community." 

That is the nicest possible way a human can tell you they'd rather be anywhere else in the world but Bethel whilst rocking a smile. So simple and yet so effective. Even if I didn't know Bethel, I feel like this video would give me a good idea about Bethel.

They should change the town slogan from whatever it currently is to one of these:

  • "Bethel, almost a town thanks to our movie theater."
  • "Bethel, after PT Barnum left everything went to hell."
  • "Bethel, a girl who lives here almost got invited to Fantasy Suites on the Bachelor."
  • "Bethel, considered one of the Top 100,000 Towns in America."
  • "Bethel, we don't have sidewalks,YET!."
  • "Bethel, don't Google us unless you're ready to attend a Youtube mass."

P.S. I thought I wanted to go, now I really want to go because I just saw this post on the Greenwood Features Facebook page:

"There are a lot of hard days when owning a small business. Add a newborn and ay yi yi the emotions are real. All of these comments have really brightened my day. Your kindness is never lost on me. Thank you all!"

These people have a newborn and they are running an independent small business? Now I have to go. We all must. They are curently playing all the movies you were planning on seeing anyway like:

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp Quanumania
  • The Whale
  • Scream 6
  • Champions
  • Cocaine Bear
  • The Quiet Girl
  • Super Mario Brothers

You get it, go.

High Definition View From Way Above Bethel

Bethel is a beautiful place to stroll around at street level or to view from above like "basspig" did with their drone, from high above the town.

Exclusive Photos, Videos, and Interviews on the Set of New Milford Horror Movie

"Candlewood" is a horror film that just finished filming in New Milford, CT. This is how the filmmakers described the project on their Indiegogo: 
"Candlewood is the first movie of three in the psychological/horror feature film franchise. A blended family moves from the city to a small town in Connecticut, where a local urban legend adds chaos and terror to an already fragile family dynamic. The staunch patriarch, who desperately wants his family to not see him as a failure but as the father that did everything, he could to keep his family together through difficult times. Candlewood follows a family leaving New York City for a simpler life in the country town of New Milford, CT. The haunting and mysterious true stories of missing hikers near a popular state park, Lover's Leap, coupled with the town of Jerusalem sitting at the bottom of Candlewood Lake gives credibility to our narrative. We bring to life the struggle of good vs evil and what happens when lifelong, outdated traditions are challenged." 
A while back I got in touch with the folks behind the movie, invited them on the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou and Dave and talked about the film, and shooting in New Milford. We spoke with Director Myke Furhman and Writer/Executive Producer Victoria Flores-Argue. During that discussion, I demanded to be in the movie, telling the duo that I have some experience acting on TV shows that never actually made it onto TV. Against all odds, they did invite me to participate and I visited the set on October 20th to shoot a scene that is important. I was extremely nervous and I had zero idea of what I was in for. Below are some insider moments from my day on-set and from others.  

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