Even though it was a crisp 19 degrees while I was driving into work, I still heard it when I drove by a body of water. That sharp, high-pitched whistle, 'PEEP'. When multiplied by the hundreds of thousands, that sound can drive a person insane. Yes, it's the Spring Peeper, and they're coming Connecticut.

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They're coming to transform your lakefront cottage into the hall of a thousand peeps. I heard my first 'peep' from a 2023 Spring Peeper on Saturday. Right on time, it was a beautiful day in the 50's, just enough to thaw out the Peepers. 1 single Peeper thawed out in Torrington, Poor little guy was lonely, but soon you will hear them all. If you've never seen one of them, here's a video from YouTube.

What you're going to hear in swampy areas, ponds, and creeks in all of Connecticut over the next month are millions of male Spring Peepers thawing out from their 2022-2023 Winter hibernation. Male Peepers waste no time in trying to attract a mate, and the Spring Peeper mating ritual/method of attraction is murder on human ears. Male peepers can puff up their throat/vocal sack to emit a high pitched peep, which female peepers find irresistible. It's cute if there's a few, but get a pond full of 250 or more, and it's like someone is jingling sleigh bells next to your head.

Some find the chorus of thousands of Peepers comforting, I've seen a few white noise machines that offer "Spring Peeper' as a choice.

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