The hot take from Gen Z right now is an alternative to the middle finger.

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Some millennials are actually suggesting that a thumbs down is somehow better than giving someone the finger.

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The very idea makes me want to give THEM the finger.

7 of the Best Danbury Reasons to Give the Middle Finger

Is there any better expression of anger than the middle finger? I say no.Not only does it send a clear message but it also alleviates some of the rage flowing through your body. Nothing tops the bird, the bird is the word. 

Or, if you want to be emotionally mature, I guess you can meditate or something.

Top 6 Reasons For an Argument on CT's Candlewood Lake

Candlewood Lake is a glorious place to be on a Saturday or Sunday during the summer. You get to look at the rolling hills, soak in the sun and relax. If relaxing is not your jam you can do some water sports or just bug-out (my favorite). Candlewood Lake is popular for a reason it's a lot of fun. However, just like any place the vibe can be ruined by certain behaviors. Some might say, what is there to argue about? Here are 6 things I've seen people argue over on Candlewood Lake.

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Since it's frowned upon (illegal) to go inside the buildings without permission, there are not that many photos/videos from inside the walls. When a new video or photos surface, I jump on it, and that is exactly what I did when these images appeared on September 23, 2022.

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