Another change was made Sunday night as part of the widening project of I-84 in Waterbury. Two days in, here's what I've observed.

I'm well aware I'm preaching to the choir when I rant about driving through Waterbury daily. Hell, driving around Connecticut can be a lesson in patience and controlling your temper 24/7 for sure. The ongoing widening of I-84 in the Waterbury area is a multi year project, though it's being touted as ahead of schedule.

I wrote about a significant change that was in the works for this past weekend. I-84 Commuters, Big News For Waterbury Construction Project.

Since I drive through the area twice every day, here's what I found after the newest change. The major lane shift has eliminated the S-curve that was in the area near Harpers Ferry Road, and that part of I-84 is now straight.

Has the straightening helped in easing the traffic? One would like to think so, because most drivers feel the need to slam on their breaks continuously when they try to navigate S-curves. Eliminate the S-curve, eliminate the problem, right?  My observation during rush hour both ways is a big fat NOPE.

People still can't merge correctly. People still can't drive a consistent speed when faced with barriers to one side of their vehicle. People are still idiots.

Drive most highways in Connecticut and you readily see that there are way more vehicles than most of the infrastructure can consistently handle. My belief is that, only when the added lanes finally open as part of this project, will we see an ease in overall traffic back ups, and honestly I still think even then it will be a crap shoot.

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